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Exhaustive research throughout the country in the last few months has made Canada’s Gay Guide the most validated directory of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, & transsexual (LGBT) resources Canada has ever seen. It organizes and indexes 5,000 resources in more than 250 cities. Entries are subdivided into over 340 categories (just like the Yellow Pages), including AIDS resources, archives, artists, art galleries, bars, book services and shops, counsellors, distributors, Internet and Web resources, health services, helplines, mail-order, manufacturers, organizations, periodicals and publishers, radio and television stations, services, stores, sculptors, and suppliers.

This year we have:

  • 5,000 listings (it’s free to be listed, unlike the Pink Pages or the Yellow Pages!)
  • Over 1,000 new listings (that’s almost a 25% increase!)
  • Far better coverage of Montréal than last year
  • Just this year’s new listings are ~30% of the total of GayCanada.com’s 3,315 listings (as of 28th. June, 1999)
  • 212% of the Toronto listings of the Pink Pages, 1999 edition
(It was sad to see 265 resources retired from the directory this year, particularly youth/student support groups and the groups in rural communities. We hope that new groups will replace them soon.)

For those who need the ability to perform complex searches, the CD-ROM is the search tool of choice, owing to its easy, fast, search-by-example referencing.

Don’t miss Canada’s Gay Guide. Why? Because, with 208 information-crammed pages, Canada’s Gay Guide has far more listings than its closest rival, and it will have full global distribution. If you’re travelling through Canada, you’ll find it invaluable. If you want people to know that you’re open for business, advertising in Canada’s Gay Guide is the way to do it.

For businesses and individuals, a CD-ROM versions of Canada’s Gay Guide are also available, so that you can rapidly find organizations and their addresses. Pre-printed mailing labels are also available.

Please contact us, if youd like to advertise in the next edition or on the web site.

Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data

Canada’s Gay Guide [print]
Canada’s Gay Guide = Le guide gai du Canada
’98-’99 ed.-
Issued also on CD-ROM.
Continues: Gay Guide Canada, ISSN 1206-9655
ISSN 1485-5011
ISBN 1-894076-03-6 (’99-’00 ed.)
1. Gays-Services for-Canada-Directories.
2. Gays-Canada-Societies, etc.-Directories.
3. Bisexuals-Services for-Canada-Directories.
4. Bisexuals-Canada-Societies, etc.-Directories.
5. Transsexuals-Services for-Canada-Directories.
6. Transsexuals-Canada-Societies, etc.-Directories.
Canada’s Gay Guide [Computer file]
Continues: Gay Guide Canada, ISSN 1206-9663
ISSN 1485-502X
ISBN 1-894076-04-4 (’99-’00 ed.)
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