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Selected Resources


The Deviants' Directory (www.queernet.org/deviant/)

Comprehensive glossary of terms for the BDSM sub-culture and communities.

Kink-aware professionals (www.Bannon.com/kap/)

The largest listing of professionals who self-identify as kink-aware (and, presumably, as kink-positive).

The Safer SM Education Project of the AIDS Committee of Toronto (SaferSM.org)

A continuing series of '101' and '201' seminars for practitioners (and professionals) interested in all aspects BDSM. Producers of one of the very first BDSM-and-health pamphlets that remains the most comprehensive of its kind. The pamphlet is the result of collaboration of health/AIDS professionals, educators, and practitioners.

Independent BDSM research project (SexResearch.org)

Web home of the most comprehensive study of BDSM practitioners to date. Main survey data collection is complete. Results are expected throughout the next year. Survey instrument is available at the web site.

Independent BDSM research (AmericanFetish.net)

The history of cultural styles and practises that are today associated with the leather/fetish/SM community.

The Society for Human Sexuality (www.sexuality.org)

Contains an attempt to collect bibliography of all publications with respect to NBDSM and other alternate sexual expressions.

Abbot's Place (no.place.like.home.mindspring.com/abbot/)

Run by the administrator of the old BDSM part of About.com. The latter was one of the largest and most professional web sites devoted to safe, sane, and consensual BDSM. Currently (1st. February, 2001) unavailable, due to corporate changes. May be resurrected elsewhere soon.

Lolita’s Pages

Web site of a highly respected individual in the BDSM community. Contains up-to-date information about community events, as well as links to important BDSM resources.

Bullwhip Home Page

A comprehensive list of resources for whip enthusiasts (BDSMers and others).

Prodomination legal resource on the web. (Prodomination.com/resourceguide/legal.htm)

A linked list of state-by-state legal references for professional dominatrices.

Community/Sub-culture Organizations

Approximately 450 specifically-BDSM organizations:

The SM Coming Out Group (www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Chelsea/7664)

The Leather/SM/Fetish Coming Out Group is a support group in Toronto, Canada for gay men who are new to the leather BDSM fetish scene. This group is a chance to get together and discuss your hopes and fears about the leather/SM/fetish scene.

The National Leather Association–International (www.NLA-I.com)

A central organization that oversees local chapters. Pan-sexual.

The Society of Janus (www.SoJ.org)

Local San Francisco BDSM social/education organization. Predominantly heterosexual with significant homosexual participation. Approximately 25 years old.

The Eulenspiegel Society (www.TES.org)

Local New York city BDSM organization. Heterosexual. Approximately 27 years old.

Gay Male S/M Activists (www.GMSMA.org)

Local New York city BDSM organization. Homoosexual. Approximately 15 years old.

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (www.NCSFreedom.org)

National political lobbying organization. Pan-sexual. Approximately 4 years old.

Leather Leadership Conference (LeatherLeadership.org)

An attempt to pool the resources of educators and activists in the leather/fetish/SM community to promote community knowledge.

The Leather Archives & Museum (www.LeatherArchives.org)

The largest, most comprehensive collection of BDSM artifacts and literature in the world. Pan-sexual. Approximately seven years old.

The Tom of Finland Foundation (http://www.eroticarts.com/foundation/)

An attempt to collect art from BDSM-related erotic artists from around the world. Initial collection based upon the estate of Touko Laaksonen (Tom of Finland). Originally homosexual male focus, but moving towards a pan-sexual collection.

E-Mail Lists

Approximately 100 e-mail lists, including:

sm-org at tpe.com

For officers and members of BDSM organization throughout the world. Low traffic, but useful access to such organizations.

sm-act at unix.tpe.com

For BDSM activists and advocates around the world. Many of the BDSM community's most respected educators, leaders (both real and self-appointed), and activists are on this list, even if they do not post to it. Discussions relate to promoting the acceptance of people who enjoy consensual BDSM, their practices, and safety. Often lively and intense discussions.

gl-asb at queernet.org

List for LGBT people into BDSM. Predominantly homosexual male. Moderate list activity, often lively discussions about both the practice of BDSM and its politics.


Approximately 125 periodicals, including:

The Leather Journal (www.TheLeatherJournal.com)

Just what its title suggests. A reporting of BDSM community/subculture events and listing of future events as far forward as over a year hence. International coverage, but mainly U.S.A.. The only journal of its kind in print format.

Checkmate incorporating DungeonMaster magazine (www.CheckmateMag.com)

A safety and technique peridical that discusses all forms of BDSM activity in detail with explicit regard to safety. Articles written mostly by homosexual men, but content is aimed at a pan-sexual readership. Published and edited by a long-term prfessor of a U.S. university.

The Sandmuptoia Guardian (www.aswgt.com)

Like Checkmate, a magazine about safety and technique for BDSM practitioners. Published by practitioners, but at a similar editorial level as Checkmate. Heterosexual base, but very homosexual-positive.


Some films, videos, and documentaries that, in the eyes of the BDSM community, accurately reflect the BDSM community and at least one individual:

Sick (biography of Bob Flanagan, theatre and video release)

Documentary about the life and final years of Bob Flanagan, a sufferer of cystic fibrosis and self-identified 'masochist.' At times extraordinarily graphic, but not gratuitously so (some short sections are not for the weak of stomach, however).

TLC: Year With a Leather Club (www.coolcatdaddy.com/tlc.lasso)

A look at one year in the life of a homosexual male leather club. Provides some insight into how a local community of BDSM practitioners and activists can assemble, socialize, educate, and mobilize.

Selected Texts With Respect to Assault, Consent, and the Criminal Law

Law Commission, Consultation Paper 139, Consent in the Criminal Law. Crown copyright © (section 5.6). Published by The Stationery Office, The Copyright Unit, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, Saint Clement's House, 2-16 Colegate, Norwich, NR3 1BQ, or Her Majesty's Stationary Office, P. O. Box 276, London  SW8 5DT. ISBN  0-11-730224-4. 21 pounds sterling.

The European Court of Human Rights,, Case of Laskey, Jaggard, and Brown v. The United Kingdom ("Spanner," in pdf format, Wordperfect format or in text format). 109/1995/615/703-705, 19th. February, 1977.

The Home Office, Obscenity Issues, Obscenity Issues, Home Office Annual Report 1997. The Stationery Office, Cm 3608, Saint Clement's House, 2-16 Colegate, Norwich, NR3 1BQ, or Her Majesty's Stationary Office, P. O. Box 276, London  SW8 5DT. ISBN  0-10-136082-7, 20.50 pounds sterling.

The Home Office, A Review of Sex Offences, A Call for Contributions.

The Home Office, Violence: Reforming the Offences Against the Person Act 1861, A Call for Views, 1998.

The Home Office, Offences Against the Person Bill, 1998.

The Home Office, Setting the Boundaries - Reforming the law on sex offences. The Stationery Office, Cm 3608, Saint Clement's House, 2-16 Colegate, Norwich, NR3 1BQ, or Her Majesty's Stationary Office, P. O. Box 276, London  SW8 5DT.

  • Summary and Recommendations
  • Volume 1: Reforming The Law on Sex Offences
  • Volume 2: Supporting Evidence (this file is all the ten below, stitched together. Sorry about the red in the pdf. I could not find a way to make it green again.)
    • Cover
    • Table of Contents, Index, and Appendices A and B
      • Contents
      • Introduction
      • Appendix A - Policy and principles of the review
      • Appendix B - List of contributors to the review
    • Appendix C - Sections 1 to 4
      • Appendix C - The Law Commission policy paper Consent in Sex Offences, (parts 1-4)
    • Appendix C - Sections 5 to 8
      • Appendix C - The Law Commission policy paper Consent in Sex Offences, (parts 5-8)
    • Appendix D1
      • Appendix D1 - Literature review of research into rape and sexual assault: Professor Jennifer Temkin, University of Sussex
    • Appendix D2
      • Appendix D2 - Literature review of research into the law on sexual offences against children and vulnerable people: Dr Caroline Keenan and Lee Maitland, University of Bristol
    • Appendix D3
      • Appendix D3 - Appendix D3 Literature review of research on offences of sexual exploitation: Dr Maggie O'Neill, Staffordshire University
      • Appendix D4 - Literature review of research into homosexual offences: Mrs E Frances Russell, University of Reading
    • Appendices E, F, G, and H, sections 1 to 2
      • Appendix E - Sex offences law in Australia and New Zealand – the impact of change
      • Appendix F - Summary of South African Law Commission discussion paper on the substantive law of sex offences (April 1999)
      • Appendix G - Information from other countries
      • Appendix H1 - Report on a consultation seminar for legal practitioners
      • Appendix H2 - Report of a consultation conference on the European Convention on Human Rights and its implications for sex offences
    • Appendix H, Sections 3 to 5
      • Appendix H3 - Report of a consultation seminar for Parliamentarians
      • Appendix H4 - Report of a consultation conference on sex offences against children
      • Appendix H5 - Report of a consultation seminar on rape and sexual assault
    • Appendix H, Sections 6 to 9, and Appendices I, J and K
      • Appendix H6 - Report of a consultation conference on the capacity to consent
      • Appendix H7 - Report of a consultation seminar on abuse within the family seminar
      • Appendix H8 - Report of a consultation seminar about trafficking and sexual exploitation
      • Appendix H9 - List of delegates attending the sex offences review conferences and seminars
      • Appendix I - Talking to children – a report of two visits to Rodborough School
      • Appendix J - Number of offenders cautioned, defendants prosecuted at magistrates' courts and convicted at all courts for specific sexual offences, England and Wales
      • Appendix K - Bibliography

Selected Bibliography

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Selected Periodicals (in and out of print):

Body Play and Modern Primitives Quarterly. Published by Insight Books, P.O. Box 2575, Menlo Park, California 94026-2575.

Bound & Gagged. Published by Bob Wingate, The Outbound Press Incorporated, Suite 803, 89 5th. Avenue, New York, New York 10003.

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Drummer. Published by Desmodus Inc., 24 Shotwell Street, San Francisco, California 94103.

DungeonMaster. Originally published by Desmodus Inc., 24 Shotwell Street, San Francisco, California 94103. (Now part of Checkmate, above)

The Leather Journal. Published by Cedar Publishing Corporation, P.O. Box 109-368, 7985 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, California 90046.

Piercing Fans International Quarterly (PFIQ). Published by Gauntlet, Inc., Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, California.

The Sandmutopia Guardian. Published by Desmodus, Inc., 24 Shotwell Street, San Francisco, California 94103. (Now published on the east coast)

Skin II. Published by Tim Woodward Publishing Ltd., BCM Box 2071, London WC1N 3XX.

Further reading about whipping:

The Quartermaster, Fundamentals of Flagellation. An article in Sandmutopia Guardian, issue number 5.

Jim the Whip Maker & Carlson, Dick, Bulls, Snakes, & Other Scary Critters. An article in DungeonMaster, issue number 33.

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