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Welcome to the Canada’s Gay Guide subscription search engine from Click & Drag. This engine will help you find lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual/transgender (LGBT) resources from all over Canada.

Clicking on arrow images one our pages will take you to the next or previous page in our document structure. When you click on a text link on our pages, you should use your browser's "Back" command to return to the page from which you just came.

Customer Support

Our mailing address is:


If you’d like support by facsimile, please send them to: . We can receive them any time of day or night.

Support and help are also available by e-mail from . Please note that support is available for the first three months after purchase of your licence.

You should provide detailed information about both your computer and the problems you are having.

Telephone support is available from during our busines hours: . Outside these hours, please leave a message.


When you use the Canada’s Gay Guide subscriber search engine, you are first shown a set of fields into which you may type search criteria. First, decide on how you want to construct your query. If you want to look up a particular name, type the first few characters of the name in the Name field, then press the Start Search button. If any of the fields in the search page are not relevant to your search, simply leave them blank; they will be ignored for that search.

If there are no records found with a match to your criteria, you will be prompted to modify the search. If you have entered no search criteria, you will be told that no records match and you will be prompted to modify the search.

If you’d like to look up everything in a particular town, type the town name in the town field and perhaps put a province / state / county name in its field (remember, there's a Newton in just about every English-speaking country...) to find all the organizations and businesses in that town.

Hint: Remember to use the full name of the province/state/ county. Canada’s Gay Guide is used by people from all over the world, so someone from France may not know that the Canadian abbreviation of Ontario is ONT or ON.

Town names are stored in the spelling of the local language, where possible.

Only if your search under name fails to find anything should you try an abbreviation in that field, because we have put some, few abbreviations in that field. For example: the National Leather Association, which is often referred to as the "NLA."

If you want to narrow your search to a particular type of organization in that a, just put a search criterion in the type field, as well as the city field. If you use the Type field, you searches may work better if you use only the beginning parts (i.e. up to the part where the singular and plural differ) of any words that have plurals in the Type list (shown on the Type Help page).

You can add as much critical information as you want to narrow your search.The more criteria you add to the fields in the Find window, the more you narrow down your search. For instance, asking for all Organizations BDSM will find you hundreds of organizations.

Each time you add a criterion to the search you are, in effect, saying that you want to narrow the search. So, putting Vancouver in the town field as well as Community Group in the Type field, will narrow your search of LGBT groups to only the ones in Vancouver. It will not return all LGBT groups and all listings in Vancouver at the same time.

Canada’s Gay Guide will search for all words that begin with the letters you have typed in the fields. We urge you to type at least three characters for each word (where possible) to speed up your searches and those of other people using the database engine.

If you type more than one word into a field (i.e. separated by space characters), Canada’s Gay Guide will find all entries that have both words. For example, ’rain sun’ finds ’rain or sun’ and ’sunny with rainbows’ but not ’sunny day’ (because there is no rain in the last phrase).

The order of the words you type for query does not matter.

The case of the text in your entered criteria does not matter. This means that looking for "trouble" is the same as looking for "TROUBLE" is the same as looking for "TrouBLe".

To match a whole phrase, enclose it in double quotes, for example: "ice cream" matches "ice cream cones" and "ice creams," but not the phrase "cream and ice." When your search has been performed, the number of found records appears at the top right of the Details and the Listings windows.

When the search engine returns listings from your initial search, it does so in listing format. To obtain the detailed information about the listing that interests you, simply click on its name. This will link you to the detailed information for that listee. Clicking on the Type in the listing format will initiate another search for all listees with that type.

Advanced Use

You can also tailor your searches to far more than simply "words beginning with...." You can use the following special characters in your search criteria. They allow you far greater power to find exactly what you’re looking for.

@ matches one arbitrary character; for example ’@rain’ finds ’train’ but not ’rain’ or ’strain’

* matches zero or more arbitrary characters; for example ’*bow’ matches ’bow’ and ’rainbow’

Keywords for Searches

Clicking on the small question mark () to the right of the Type and the Orientation fields will take you to a page of keywords for the respective field. You may enter any of these keywords or any part of these keywords in any combination or order to further narrow your searches.

Please note that, for the time being, a search for "Gay" will also find "Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transsexual" (i.e. "LGBT"). We are working on ways to allow for searches for each orientation alone.

Comments: 416.962.1040
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