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The search orientation type determines the orientation of the primary clientele/membership of the businesses or organizations searched. This means that, for instance, you can look for gay or lesbian entries in the database by typing "gay" or "lesbian" into this field, but you cannot search for heterosexual female entries while also looking for transgender ones.

If you type "All" into the Orientation field, this indicates to the search engine that you are looking specifically for businesses/organizations that specifically cater to everyone, regardless of orientation. Please note that this is not the same as typing nothing into this field (which would indicate that you are not concerned about the orientation of the listings found, so that gay-oriented listings would be returned as well as those with an orientation of "All").

Please note that the Orientation field is for information purposes and for use as a guide only. It does not indicate the sexual orientation of a particular person, organization, or business.

Here are some examples of what you might type. We can't cover all combinations, but you should get the idea from what follows:

Your TypingPrimary Clientele
NoneFinds any and all combinations of sexes and orientations
"All"Listees specifically open to "all" sexes and orientations
"Bisexual""Bisexual" and "LGBT"
"Bisexual Only"Only the specifically "Bisexual" listees
"Female"Specifically "Female of all sexual orientations," and "Heterosexual Female" (does not report "lesbian only" or "LGBT" listees)
"Female Only"Specifically "women of all sexual orientations" (does not report "lesbian only" or "LGBT" listees)
"Gay""Gay men" and other "men who have sex with men," and "LGBT"
"Heterosexual"Specifically "both heterosexual men and heterosexual women," and "heterosexual men" and "heterosexual women"
"Heterosexual Female""Heterosexual female" only
"Heterosexual Male""Heterosexual males" only
"Lesbian""Lesbian" and "LGBT"
"Lesbian Only"Only the specifically "Lesbian" listees
"Lesbian, Gay, Bi," or "LGBT" or "GLB" (or any combination of these four or three letters in one word)"Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and transsexual" (as a grouping)
"Male"Reports specifically "men of all sexual orientations," and "Heterosexual Male" (does not report "Gay" male or "LGBT" listees)
"Male Only"Reports specifically "men of all sexual orientations" (does not report "Heterosexual Male," "Gay" male, or "LGBT" listees)
"Trans"Transgender, Transsexual," Transvestite," "Cross-Dressing," and LGBT
"Transgender" or "Transsexual"Transgender, transsexual, and LGBT
"Cross" or "Transvestite"Both "Cross-Dressing" and "Transvestite"

"Transgender Only"Only the specifically "Transgender" and "Transsexual" listees
"Transvestite Only"Only the specifically "Transvestite" and "Cross-Dressing" listees

When your results are returned, the symbols used have the following meanings. These groupings closely approximate the groupings used in our database.

All All sexes, sexualities, & orientations

Heterosexual Male Heterosexual Male
Bisexual Bisexual, both sexes

Intersex Intersex
Transvestite / Cross-Dressing Cross-Dressing & Transvestite

Lesbian Lesbian
Female Female, all sexualities & orienatations

LGBT Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, & Transsexual
Gay Male Gay Male

Male Male, all sexualities & orientations
Heterosexual Heterosexual, male & female

Transgender / Transsexual Transgender & Transsexual